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Hello Everyone, My name is Prarabdh Chaturvedi, I was born & brought up in Jaipur, which is capital of the State of Rajasthan in India. It's also known as the Pink City. 
From my early schooling days I was very interested in participating in Quizzes, Extempore, Debates, Speeches & various forms of articulated discussions. I used to compete in many quizzes & debate competitions & used to win in majority of them. It would not be incorrect to say, that I've been an avid reader whole my life. I read my First Novel "The Wishlist" when I was in Class 3, and since then, I've read approximately more than 500 books. Thanks to my sister, we never had shortage of good value books in our home, and currently, we both possess more than 1100 books in our treasury.

Other than reading, I also love playing Video Games. I have also studied & got certifications in Game Development with Unreal & Unity both. I completed my Bachelor's of Technology in Computer Science from Rajasthan Institute of Engineering & Technology, Jaipur. I have more than 15 Language Certifications, including C, C#, Java, Python, SQL, HTML5, Node.js, Angular, Full-Stack Dev and more. After completing my Engineering, I applied for my Masters of Science in Data Science & I got admitted to Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA, USA. I scored 8.5 Band in my IELTS (International English Language Testing System) Examination & 322 (Verbal: 158, Quants: 164) in my GRE (Graduate Record Examinations). But as Masters is really expensive, to fund my further education, I started Freelance Content Writing on Upwork & Fiverr & started my personal content writing services website called "The Writing Sword" in 2022.

The Writing Sword started as a Blogging site in 2017, where I used to post about my various day-to-day activities. But, when I finally, decided upon using my exceptional command on English Language, I converted The Writing Sword into a Content  

service provision website. I am pro-efficient in various forms of Content writing now. I have completed various certifications in Professional Content Writing, and am now capable of providing Content Services in Technical, General, Science, Business, Finance & many other subjected domains. Also, Copywriting, Ghostwriting, Article Writing, SEO Optimization, Casual Blogging, Formal Letter Writing, Email Formatting and many other services are currently available on The Writing Sword. 


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